About Me

Hello there, I’m Daryle Locko.

My paintings are analogies to the world we live in today— and the people, cars, TVs, broken hearts, etc. that populate it. My goal is to reflect the human condition as I see it. I introduce words to many of my paintings to blur the line between painting and poetry which ultimately give my paintings the voice I am sometimes too scared to vocalize. The words add a story to my paintings and give the painting a mouthpiece to express what is going on in my head.

The inspiration behind some of my paintings is based on when I was younger and I watched my mom watch Barbara Walters on The View. It was then that I was young and ignorant of the problems of the world. As I got older and Barbara Walters retired, I became more aware of the world’s problems, problems which seemed nonexistent in my childhood—Donald Trump becoming president, Bill Cosby assaulting sixty women, Russia invading Ukraine, etc.. So “where the fuck is Barbara Walters” is me asking: Where did that youth go? Whatever happened to that purity? Will the world be the same again?

Oftentimes I’ll include a question in my art— such as “if I was a carpet, would you step on me?” which is intended to get the onlooker to think. As part of the human condition mentioned, we don’t think enough. What better way to cause one to think than with a question?